Meditation Notes from SNR Los Angeles Intensive March 16, 2014

  Meditation – Beat the Navel Point                                                                        9 minutes


A.                                                                                                                     6 minutes

-           Elbows down, forearms to front, hands in fists, backs of hands up.

-           Eyes at tip of chin.

-           As if rowing, put one arm forward and one arm back (not far) and reverse arms with music.

-           Chant with CD

 B.                                                                                                                    3 minutes

-           Inhale, arms up, hold arms up, keep hands tight and allow anything else to happen.  Don’t oppose it.

-           Breathe long and deep and let it happen.

End – Inhale, tighten everything, exhale.    X  3


Meditation – for Faculty of Self Engagement                                                                             11 minutes

-           Elbows down, forearms to front.

-           Right palm up, left palm down.

-           Right hand a little higher.

-           Feel the flow and the heaviness of the hands.

-           Breathe long and deep, quietly, in even stages.

End – Inhale, hold, exhale.


Meditation – Third Eye                                                                                31 minutes

 CD – Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru by Singh Kaur

            Crimson Collection 1

Hands face your face, eyes at tip of your nose.  Move eyes to the back of the head.

Meditation –

  Ra Ma Da Sa; Sa Se So Hung

-           Elbows to sides, at level of shoulders.

-           Lock fingers in front of throat.  Pull fingers apart tightly.

-           Sing with CD.

End – Inhale, pull, pull, pull.  Exhale.


Meditation – Increase potentiality of prana                                 Not over 5 minutes


-           Loosely clasp hands in lap, right thumb over left.

-           Breathe through puckered lips.  Pull prana.

End – Inhale, hold, exhale.


 Meditation –                                                                                                  22 minutes?

Mantra – Sa Ta Na Ma

-           Silently chant mantra twice per inhale and twice per exhale (3 breaths per minute)

-           Do this three times per minute/ three breaths per minute

-           Elbows down, right forearm up, palm forward

-           Left hand on navel point.


Meditation – Third Eye – LA827 11 to 31 minutes

Meditation – Balance the chakras

-           Hands in lap.

-           Inhale in 8 sniffs, exhale in 8 sniffs.

-           Focus on tip of chin from inside

End - Inhale, hold, exhale.


Homework Meditation – Practice Third Eye – LA827 11 to 31 minutes

Notes courtesy of Sharon Nelson