Level I Certification Requirements

Level I Certification Requirements*

  1. 4 Intensives (Intensive = a full day 6 hour+ course)**
    • -or- 2 Intensives and 1 Retreat/Conference
    • -or- 1 Immersion and 1 Retreat/Conference
    • -or- 2 Retreats/Conference
  1. Ethics Course and Ethics Test (always offered at annual testing location) 
  2. Either a massage license, minister’s license or an official healthcare practitioner’s license
  3. A one page essay: “What is Sat Nam Rasayan?”
  4. Practical Test for Level I certification (Requires the tester to open the space and release an assigned muscle. Given by Guru Dev Singh or Sadhu Singh)*** 


When the above requirements have been met by students, they are qualified to test for Level I; they are not automatically Level I.  Testing may be repeated up to four times. If students pass conditionally, they are assigned, with various restrictions, to work with a Level III or Level III Candidate student instructor until the student is retested and passes unconditionally.


After students have passed Level I unconditionally:

  • They will be sent a Level I Certificate from the School of Sat Nam Rasayan in Rome
  • Are official students of Sat Nam Rasayan.  
  • Can participate in Sat Nam Rasayan Clinics with an assigned mentor.


Level I students of Sat Nam Rasayan are not allowed to teach classes or practice sessions, and are not allowed to charge clients for Sat Nam Rasayan treatments.  


*It is the students’ area representatives and the individual student’s responsibility to tally up the number of requirements that will qualify a student to test for a level. If verification is needed, the area rep should have registration information available from the past five years. Students may also use cancelled checks or credit card statements as proof of attendance. Rome and Los Angeles have retreat/conference information on file.

**Only Intensives, Immersions and Retreats/Conferences taught by Guru Dev Singh(Mexico/Italy) or Sadhu Singh (Mexico) meet the requirements that apply to testing for certification.

***Testing is conducted by Guru Dev Singh or Sadhu Singh at least once per year in the United States. The date and location of testing is announced in advance on www.gurudevsnr.com 

**** Only those who are certified Level 3 Entrance or above are allowed, with permission from the CCA office, to offer Remote SNR Treatments.  The only person who can do group Remotes is Guru Dev Singh.

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