Sat Nam Rasayan® Glossary

anything you put between yourself and the event is a condition.

consciousness is your capacity to be aware.

empty space
empty space - something which has no sensation

- if you have a book and I ask what's inside, describe the book, you have no information. The only sensation you have is the sensation of no sensation. The fact you don't have any sensation is already a sensation. If you research that empty space with practice, you can describe what's in the book.

equalize - is that you recognize the sensations are happening to you. You recognize that any sensation, big or small, appears in your space at the same time, same space, and same level of awareness.

sometimes your shape is too expanded for what you want to do, there is not enough intensity to produce the space, so we hold it

To individualize is the ability to choose your event, so that rather than just working generally, you choose more specifically what it is you want to work on and you decide that, but then you don't concentrate on that as you're working. You come into relationship with your event and allow yourself to feel what you feel in that relationship. When you individualize you make an event in your consciousness such that there us no difference between you and the event.

How intense you can be is how stable you can hold your space. To intensify we recognize more sensations.

Limits we call discomfort, and the discomfort is manifest physically. You feel it in your body.

Any point of reference is a proposition. Any thought, any visualization, any color, remembering, etc. is a proposition. The propositions are the conditions to reality.

A resistance is a feeling of being uncomfortable, dense. It is a proposition to the reality that holds you in one tendency. We recognize in the sensitive field that a condition manifests in you in some way, and that way we call resistance.

Sacred Space
One day Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, delimited one specific state of the consciousness. And that is what we call the Sacred Space. That specific state of the consciousness which produces the transcendent consciousness, which causes it to happen, is what we call the Sacred Space.

Sat Nam Rasayan®
Sat Nam Rasayan® is a healing that is based on consciousness that has the capacity to become transcendent, to modify the environment. We don't use tools, we use the consciousness. Sat Nam Rasayan® is a very very simple system. It is based on the quality of the human consciousness that allows it to become transcendent. Transcendent means that, through your awareness and only through your awareness, you can produce an effect in an event, in an object. What we do is, we make our own consciousness stable, we recognize there is a space we call the Sacred Space, we relate with that specific space and then, through our awareness, moving our awareness, we will modify the relation and we will modify the event in some way.

sensitive space
sensitive space is your sensitivity space where your sensitivity happen.

The way to move your consciousness through the sensitive space is through your awareness. In the sensitive space you use the body as a mandala, but it does not exist in reality.

any tendency in the end is a sickness