Level III Certification Requirements


 Level III Certification Requirements 

1. You must be a student in good standing, and have passed the Level III entrance test, which includes an ethics test. 

2. 200 hours of Sat Nam Rasayan Classes: 144 hours* of Level III instruction by Guru Dev Singh Khalsa of Mexico/Rome. This can be attained in four Retreats, Immersions or Conferences, or classes designated for Level III accreditation that will equal this amount of hours (two day Immersions are highly recommended if retreats are not possible). 

56 hours of Mixed Level classes taught by Guru Dev Singh Khalsa. 

No class taken prior to taking the Level III entrance test may be applied (attendance at the Labor Day 2000 retreat can be applied toward the mixed level requirement.). To be an active Level III student, attendance at a minimum of two or more Level III events per year is required.
Attendance at less than two events per year will place you on the inactive list.
A test on the Level III content will be required to reactivate. If you miss a class, you're out. 

3. 200 hours of non-compensated Seva for Sat Nam Rasayan and the Center for Contemplative Awareness:
 50 hours of participation in a clinic, OR by teaching or facilitating practice sessions 

• 25 hours of participating in practice sessions 

• 50 hours of teaching 

• 50 hours of administrative/clerical work 

• 25 hours of chop wood, carry water Seva 


4. Demonstrate good teaching skills of Sat Nam Rasayan, good record keeping skills and good communication skills - both verbal and written. 

5. AN INSTRUCTOR MUST ATTAIN: Work with the group as an entity in the meridian of the group. 

• Producing a bindi/center (in a class). 
 The ability to recognize the hookum/order & what is required by the need. This need may be either universal or group. 
 Identify which part of the psyche of the mass consciousness is working-macro/micro 
 Recognize how the instructor is sensitive of which aspect in his consciousness the instructor is working from. The instructor also needs the ability to discern and intuitively know the level and ability of all his students. 

6.  Show proof that the Level III candidate is proficient in teaching the following Sat Nam Rasayan modalities: 
• Resonance 
• Forms/Shapes 
• Elements 
• Dream State 
• Knowing 


7. Pass various written and verbal tests during Level III training. 

8. In order to complete Level III a project showing one's ability, willingness, and commitment to represent SNR must be done. Project is designed to require strong work ethic, administrative ability, organizational skills, and good communication - written and verbal. This project is assigned. 


9. In order to do Remotes a level of expertise needs to be established thru testing and practice sessions. Approval to do SNR Remotes must be obtained by written documentation. 


10. Adhere to protocols and rules of SNR instructors administered through SNR administration. 



Level III and Level III Candidates do not automatically qualify to teach out of one’s geographic area.
Traveling Student Instructors are Sat Nam Rasayan Level III or Level III Candidates who are appointed by Sat Nam Rasayan of the Americas to travel to different parts of the country upon request.
Arrangements for Traveling Student Instructors must be made through the CCA office.
Arrangements may not be made directly with the Traveling Student Instructors. Only those officially appointed as Traveling Student Instructors may teach SNR outside of their local area.
No North American Traveling Student Instructor is permitted to teach SNR in the areas overseen by SNR of Europe. Traveling Student Instructors are appointed and assigned by Guru Dev Singh and Kirpal. 

*A 9am to 9pm class = a 12 hour class 

Certification comes from Rome 

Any questions or inquiries should be directed to: 

Atma Kaur or Daya Singh Tel & Fax - +39-06-233249414 

Or send an e-mail message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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